Where Is The ‘Wow Factor’ In The New iPhone?

iPhone 5 was so highly anticipated that Apple has been unable to meet  the demand for this product. Some of the delivery dates have been pushed to the first week of October to ensure that it will not fall short of supplies. Some people, however, continue to remain skeptical about it, and they say that the iPhone 5 is nothing but a remodeled iPhone 4S. In some ways that is true but is it not unfair to expect too much from a smartphone? This article will take you through the expectations and the results on the iPhone 5.

Over Expecting Customers

Wow factor in iPhone 5

It is true that Apple has established a reputation of doing things that no company had ever attempted before and this reputation had bred a lot of over expectation among its customers. There were people who were very honestly looking forward to the in-built projectors, lit up keyboards, a 15 megapixel camera, computer like processing speeds, etc. But is it not diverting from the whole idea of a smartphone? You cannot and should not add those features on just a phone. But Apple has indeed added a host of new features but is that enough? Let us find out.

New Features On The iPhone 5

4G LTE is probably the biggest selling point of the iPhone 5. Faster internet is something that no one will decline and that is exactly what iPhone 5 with 4G LTE can offer you. However, 4G LTE is not available on all networks and in all areas of the country. There are still places where 4G LTE is not feasible and for people who reside in those areas, 4G LTE becomes redundant.

Then, there is the bigger processor and longer battery life. When Apple released the iOS 6, it was tried on the iPhone 4S and it seemed to iron out most of the speed issues the phone had. There was no need for a new phone to just ensure that you can switch apps faster and get the camera opened faster. However, most people seem to like that and prefer the iPhone 5’s speed to the 4S’s.

Is It Worth Paying For An Upgrade?

When you look to upgrade form a 3GS or a 4S to the iPhone 5, you tend to look at things financially. You will have to sell your old phone for a good price and then invest more to buy a new iPhone. Some might feel that there are better phones out there which are worth lesser than the iPhone 5. Take the example of the Galaxy SIII. As the ads point out, the features are almost the same and the screen is in fact bigger than the iPhone 5’s.

iPhone 5 Still Has Its Loyal Fan Base and Will Continue To Grow

Irrespective of everything, you cannot fail to admire the sophistication and the elegance that the iPhone has over its competitors. That is something which comes naturally to Apple and no other manufacturer can match it. The iPhone 5 will continue to attract more consumers and will be as successful as its predecessors if not more.

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iPhone 5 Battery and Camera Performance: Hands On Report

iPhone 5 is finally out and some of us managed to get our hands on what is touted as the ‘best smartphone ever’. There were a lot of rumors about the iPhone 5 and now that the phone has come out, we can see that most of the rumors were fairly accurate. One of the major concerns that consumers had over the iPhone 5 was the battery life. Because of the number of features that the phone has, it is not surprising that all those features drain a lot of juice from the battery to run. The customers trusted that Apple would pull out something from their big bag of tricks and make this work, and that is exactly what we are seeing. The battery performs surprisingly well too.

Put Through A Grueling Test Procedure

iPhone 5 camera and battery

The test which was specifically designed to push the performance of the battery and it is a representation of how modern day users use their phones. One of the key parts of the test included browsing 60 of the most popular websites over the cellular network and doing it in quick succession. This was a representation of users logging in constantly to their favorite sites. There were also other tests that pushed the battery to its limits and not surprisingly, it passed with flying colors. The results were a close match to Apple’s claims and lasted 7 hrs and 13 minutes.

iPhone 5’s Battery Consumption Is a Genius In Itself

All of the iPhone 5 competitors like HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Google Nexus lasted much less time when they were put through the same test. According to the experts the iPhone 5 has been so cleverly designed that the battery lasts much longer than the iPhone 4S even though it is the same battery that is used. The battery race is led by Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx but that trumps the iPhone only with a more powerful battery. The experts were dumbfounded about how Apple’s engineers managed to get so much performance from the battery through only clever software tweaks.

Forget Your Point and Shoot If You Have The iPhone 5

We did expect the iPhone 5 to go big on its new camera but only an 8 megapixel unit that was offered. However, we all know that pixels are not the only gauge of picture quality and that is apparent from the iPhone 5’s camera. The camera’s processor has been vastly improved which means that the pictures you see have higher contrast, improved sharpness which will enhance the details and also an improved performance in the low light shooting conditions.

If you have used the previous versions of the iPhone, you will also notice that the video recording  is vastly improved in the iPhone 5. The video is crisp and sharp even in low light conditions and with the bigger screen the camera is now perfect for shooting videos in 1080p. Although some complaints have come about how the flash will not fire in sync with the camera, it was not an issue on the model we had on hand.

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A Few Features That You Will Love In The New iPhone

There was a lot of skepticism among the experts about the features of the new iPhone. Some claimed that it was only an improved and serviced iPhone 4S while other claimed that the phone did not warrant the hype and attention it was getting prior to its release. However, the iPhone 5 is nothing short of impressive and the new features does bring a lot to the table, be it the 4G LTE support of the enhanced camera and the processing speed. Here are a few features that you will love on the iPhone 5.

New features in iPhone 5

4G LTE Support

Internet on the phone is something which has become very important, especially to the modern day smartphone user. When the iPhone 4S came out with only 3G and HSDPA support, not many users were tempted to go for it, especially the ones who needed a faster internet connection. There were a number of Android phones which were released with 4G LTE support and finally, Apple has decided that 4G is very important and included it with the iPhone 5. Both AT&T and Verizon support 4G LTE and it is a joy to use the iPhone 5 in that bandwidth. Videos buffer instantly and if you want to download songs and games, it happens within an instant. You must be thinking that this is what people said when 3G was introduced but you have to savor it none the less.

Say Goodbye to Your Digital Camera

Although you might be wondering what is so special about the same 8MP unit on the iPhone 5, there are big differences in the picture quality of the two phones. For starters, the iPhone 5’s camera processor is more advanced and you get high quality images with greater level of detail even though the pixel density is the same. Another improvement is the new panoramic capture mode which lets you stitch a panorama from multiple photographs instantly. Although this came with the iOS 6 and is available in the 4S also, the iPhone 5’s panoramas are much clearer and crisper. The video capture is also amazing and you can now shoot and view videos in 1080p mode, thanks to the bigger screen on the iPhone 5.

Improved Processing Speeds

If you have used the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 4S, you would have had a lot of issues regarding the speed of the handset. There were issues regarding the opening of the camera (which took up to a minute at times), switching between apps and also the occasional lock up. iOS 6 seems to be far more well designed and you will find that browsing, shooting photos and using any apps are as flawless as they can get. But it is just not the software changes. There is something that Apple has done with the hardware that we are unable to put out finger on, which has made the iPhone 5 faster and better than its predecessors. You will find the phone to be more responsive and also use Siri more efficiently.

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Why iPhone 5 is Managing to Sell More Units against Smarter Smartphones

Published on September 29, 2012 by iphone5news in Uncategorized

When you take a look at a smartphone, you tend to look at the specifications, especially the hardware. But let us look back a 3 or 4 years ago, when smartphones were still making their mark in the mobile phone industry. No one seemed to care whether it has near field communication or if it supported 4G LTE. People were excited that they could send email from phones and with the other advanced features that smartphones offered. Similarly, even today, most people are not aware of advanced features that iPhone 5 offers. All they care about is that this is the latest in the Apple’s most successful line of mobile phones.

iPhone 5 Rivals Have the Same Or Even Better Features

It is now a well known fact that the biggest rival to the new iPhone is the Galaxy SIII from Samsung. Many experts were surprised when the SIII turned out to be as impressive as it is. The hardware is sophisticated, software advanced and the design, simple yet elegant. When the iPhone 5 was released, Samsung took a pot shot at the device by comparing the features of the Galaxy SIII to the iPhone 5.

Apple Managing to sell more units.

Galaxy SIII Has Better Features

When you pit them against each other, feature to feature, it is fair to say that the SIII has an upper hand over the iPhone 5. But that advertisement did little to stem the sale of the iPhone 5. According to official reports, Apple received more than 2 million orders for the iPhone 5 within the first 24 hours of its release. This figure is just the number of orders after the release, not counting the pre orders. And the number has continued steadily over the days. No one seems to care if the iPhone 5 does not have ‘Direct Call’ or ‘GroupCast’. This is because the average everyday user doesn’t need these features.

Image Is Everything

We have reached such a stage in our lives where we value the brand more than the services on offer. There was a time when Nokia ruled the roost in the mobile phone market and every other manufacturer was playing catch up. But all that has changed in the past 4 years. Apple has established itself as a premium smartphone manufacturer and people have the image that any product from Apple will be exquisite and as sophisticated as it gets.

Will Features Have No Consequence?

This does not mean that the hardware and software features do not have any consequence on the success of a smartphone. Apple has time and again stood by quality and they have offered feature that we had not seen in the past. But times have changed in the present day and other manufacturers have caught up with Apple. But the image that Apple has established for itself has made its product stand out against its competition. Even if the press and some experts have dubbed the phone ‘boring’, there loyal fan base has steadfastly stood by the new iPhone and we see no reason why this trend will not continue in the future also.

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Latest Rivals To The iPhone 5: LG Optimus G and HTC 8X

iPhone 5 sales have skyrocketed since its launch even though the device is yet to hit the shelves. People have been thronging the stores and Apple’s website for ordering the iPhone 5 and the numbers have continued to rise by the day. Some experts feel that this iPhone might break all the records set by its predecessors soon and judging by the numbers, this seems like a fair assessment of things to come. But rival cell phone manufacturers have not given up their efforts.

Samsung, the biggest rival to Apple, had released its advanced Galaxy SIII a few months ago and this had been creating a few ripples in the mobile market. But that fizzled out with the release date approaching and it looks like Samsung’s challenge has literally died when iPhone 5 was released. But LG and HTC have come up with their versions of challenges to the iPhone 5. While HTC has launched its 8X, LG has let loose its Optimus G.

This article will give you a comparison of the features of the iPhone 5 and its newest challengers.

iPhone 5 rivals

HTC 8X Looks Impressive and Packed With Features

HTC One X was a very impressive smartphone and other than the battery backup, all the other features were impressive. The 8X goes a one step further and the features look like they have been designed so that they are equipped to take on the iPhone 5. Coming to the screen, the 8X has a 4.3” screen to the iPhone 5’s 4” screen. 8X trumps the iPhone 5 in terms of screen resolution too.

While the iPhone 5 only has a 1GHz dual core processor, the 8X has a 1.5GHz dual core processor. The RAM in both the phones are same which means that HTC 8X’s performance is better than iPhone 5’s. Both phones have the same camera (8MP) but iPhone has a panoramic capability which means, the iPhone is superior in that aspect.

LG’s iPhone Killer Is Capable But Will It?

Just like the HTC 8X, the Optimus G also has a better processor and a better screen. While 8X still has a dual core processor, the Optimus G doubles it up and is powered by a 1.5GHz quad core processor. The screen is also a 4.7” capacitive touch screen with HD resolution capability. LG has gone all out with its camera and provided the Optimus G with a 13 megapixel HD camera at the back and a 1.3MP front facing camera. This is a big boost indeed and if you are a hobby photographer looking for a phone, the Optimus G will be the perfect fit for you. The battery is also the biggest of the lot in the Optimus G. Although this does not necessarily mean that the Optimus G will have a longer battery life, on paper, it does look better.

The only question is that will these impressive specifications allow these devices to at least hold their own if not overthrow the iPhone 5? It doesn’t seem so, judging by the number of bookings and pre-orders. Anyway, it is still too early to make judgment.

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iPhone 5 Inside Story: Apple Matures As A Chip Manufacturer

Rumors about the iPhone 5 were flying around thick and fast before its release and the phone release comes as a relief from the rumor mongers. While the software and design features are apparent, the stuff under the hood is what makes the iPhone 5 what it is. Most of the consumers are not aware of the technical details, about the hardware and they also do not realize their significance in making sure that the performance of the iPhone 5 is crisp and snappy. For all the models up to the iPhone 4S, Apple depended on other manufacturers to provide them with chips. But the new iPhone 5 features a chip that Apple has designed on its own. The company has also obtained the patent for this chip and this does mark a new era in terms of hardware for the iPhone series.

Apple A6 processor

The A6 Is Apple’s Own Creation

The previous versions of the iPhone were powered by the A5 and A4 processors. But the new iPhone has an A6 processor. When the A5 came out, it was a tweaked and remodeled version of the A4, only with minor improvements that did prove significant to the performance of the iPhone 4 and 4S. But the A6 has witnessed a complete overhaul. Apple’s engineers have not just tweaked the existing ARM model but have remodeled it completely to make sure that they meet exactly with the other hardware specs of the iPhone 5. But they have not replaced the ARM basics. They have used the existing ARM blueprint and licensed the A6 along with a set of generic processors that Apple plans to use  in the future.

Significance of Apple’s Foray Into Chip Manufacturing

Although  everyday consumers do not realize the significance of this development, this means a lot to Apple’s prospects. When a chip manufacturer designs the layout and other components, they will tend to keep the performance up to the ideal conditions. But ideal conditions are not good for the iPhone. If the phone should perform to its maximum, the chip must be designed keeping the phone in mind. This is what Apple has done with the A6 and we might see more in house chips being used by Apple in their subsequent products.

Other Features Must Be Considered While Designing The Chip

One of the major advantages that Apple has had over Android devices is the battery backup. This is not just due to the single piece of hardware but due to the combination of the multitude of components. With features like a larger screen, 4G LTE, improved connectivity and other added features that put an extra load on the battery, the main processor chip must be optimized in such a way that the power consumption will be reduced to the bare minimum. If Apple uses the same approach to design other chips also, we might get to see improved performance in the subsequent models of the iPhone.

The conclusion here is that since the A6 chip has been designed in house, the performance will definitely be the best of the A series of processors. The future also looks bright for Apple in terms of device manufacturing and R&D.

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Apple Stocks Hits $700 Mark

The much awaited device of the year, the Apple iPhone 5, has finally released in the US. People have thronged the stores and there have been reports of Apple having to delay the shipping of the pre-ordered models, because of the sheer volume of the bookings. The phone has received a mixed response from the consumers and experts alike but that seems to have no bearing on its sales . Apple’s chain of marketing outlets, the iStores, has been witnessing heavy volume of customers and people are resorting to any means to get their hands on the presumed ‘best smartphone ever’. All these sales and profits have had a positive effect on the value of Apple’s stocks,which reached the $700 mark.

Apple stocks hit

Stock Price Varying Around the $700 Mark On 18th September

It was expected that the already high value of stocks of Apple would receive a further boost when the iPhone 5 would officially be released. That expectation turned out to be right and the stock prices hit a record $700 mark on the early hours of September 18th. Although this might not seem like a big achievement for the iPhone 5 as a device, the $700 mark is not something that many companies can boast of and Apple has reached that even before the device has hit the shelves of its iStores. By the end of the trading hours on 18th September, the shares were still around the $700 mark, $700.50 to be exact. In terms of profits and gains, this is a 0.10% increase in the value.

Apple’s Net Worth Also Increases As a Consequence

The stock value increase has not only affirmed how important the iPhone is to Apple’s fortunes but also highlighted the increase in the net worth of the company as a whole. Due to this increase alone, Apple is currently valued at US$ 656 billion, which is a new high even for the company. This might not surprise people as Apple’s value as a company has always been going up ever since the release of the iPhone . The company has been unable to make any profits yet from the iPhone 5 as it is struggling to keep up with the demand of the phone. According to inside reports, a company representative was quoted as saying that some of the orders’ delivery has to be pushed to the first week of October.

Further Increase in Stock Value Expected When the iPhone 5 Actually Hits the Shelves

Market experts are of the opinion that the stocks will receive a further boost in their prices when the iPhone 5 actually hits the iStore shelves. The profit margins and the actual sales figures will become more apparent when the device is available in the stores and this will in turn further boost the stock prices. Although experts were unwilling to comment on the actual expected price rise, they said that it would be substantial enough for Apple to push itself as one of the top companies in the world today.

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The New iPhone Expected to Sell 10 Million Units

The new iPhone will be unveiled by the chief executive officer of Apple, Tim Cook, on the midnight of September 12th and the anticipation is slowly increasing into frenzy. Apple’s newest release is touted to be one of the top 3 releases of the year in terms of technology, and the question on everyone’s mind is that whether or nor it will live up to the reputation. With Apple’s track record of dishing out one successful product after another, we have no reason to believe that the new iPhone will not live up to the expectations.

However, things are not as simple as they look. There are a lot of issues that Apple has had to address and this time, they have much tougher competition than they expected. Android has established itself as a worthy competitor to the iOS and has shown that it can indeed challenge Apple for the top spot provided it is backed by high quality hardware.

iPhone Release

Make or Break For Apple

There is no doubt that Apple is the top company in US mobile phone industry  and will also spread its wings over Europe and Asia over the coming years. However, it will not be as easy as it was for Apple  to just brush aside other mobile companies like they did in the past with their technological advancements.

Sarah Rotman Epps, a leading mobile phone industry analyst at Forrester Research, said that there is no doubt that Apple has a lead in the mobile phone industry but added that they cannot get complacent at this point of time as other companies are catching up. Although she did not mention it, the reference was undoubtedly to the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the iPhone’s biggest rival. She was of the opinion that Apple will have to keep innovating and offering something different than others, the trend that they have followed over the years.

10 Million Units By The End of September?

Piper Jaffray Cos analyst, Gene Munster, predicted that the anticipation for the new iPhone was so high that Apple could well reach the 10 million mark by the end of September itself. These are amazing figures but not many people are surprised by this prediction. If you compare this with Samsung Electronics Co’s sales figures, the company needed almost 50 days to sell 10 million units of the Galaxy SIII smartphone. IDC’s senior research analyst, Ramon Llamas, said that Apple will have to do really badly to do something that will stuff up this release. But he also added that he does not see Apple doing badly this time and in fact said that the company will do as well as it has done in the past.

Overthrowing the Competing Army

Although Steve Jobs passed away a year ago, the legacy that he has left behind has been strong enough to withstand the combined might of the opposition headed by Google and Samsung. HTC, Motorola, Nokia and a few other mobile companies constitute the rest of the opposition and although they have released dozens of new devices, Apple still is holding firm to the leader’s spot.

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iPhone 5 to Feature 4G LTE With Compromises

There have been a lot of rumors about the features that will be present on the new iPhone and this has been creating a lot of interest among Apple fans. The new device from  Apple  will feature a larger screen, near field communication technology, nano SIM card, a new and improved smaller connector dock, an advanced touch screen technology among a host of other features. However, the most exciting of the lot was that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE connectivity.

This was one feature in which Apple was falling behind and the addition of this feature to the new iPhone will do a world of good for its reputation and sales. However, experts feel that the new feature will not offer the full bandwidth of 4G LTE connectivity. There will be a lot of compromises even though the 4G LTE technology will be present in the iPhone 5.

4G LTE feature on iPhone 5

Cook Hints at ‘Compromises’ as LTE Deal Breaker

When the rumor about LTE being included in the new iPhone  surfaced last year , the CEO of the company, Tim Cook,  hinted at some compromises the company had to make, to ensure that 4G LTE integration would add to the new iPhone’s value rather than diminish it. But we will have to wait and see if the addition will give the users the full range of 4G LTE capabilities.

Judging by the technical specifications, it is practically impossible for Apple to deliver a mobile device that has full range of 4G LTE capabilities along with its impressive performance. Forward Concepts’ principal analyst, Will Strauss, said that Apple will have to cut back on some of the LTE features to ensure that performance of the iPhone will not be affected. This assessment should be considered valid considering that the company specializes in market research that concerns wireless communication chips.

Battery Draining of 4G LTE Cannot be Afforded by the iPhone

There is also another major concern with res 4G LTE technology. We all know how 4G LTE technology is known for the notoriously battery draining capability, which is something that Apple cannot afford. The new iPhone is supposedly having a few never before seen features that will require every bit of energy that can be drawn from the battery and this extra load cannot be taken by the battery that will be supposedly present on the iPhone 5. Also, other than Qualcomm, there is no other company that will provide these kinds of chips, and the power consumption of these chips is not that great.

4G LTE is Essential for Apple’s Plans

Although some might question the importance of 4G LTE, it is very much essential for Apple’s Europe plans. A survey performed in the European region showed that out of all people who did not choose Apple’s iPhone, they picked others because of the 4G LTE capability. If the iPhone can offer that too, then they would take hold of the European markets too. We will have to wait and see what exactly the deal breaker will be about the 4G LTE when the phone is released.

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iPhone 5 Release: Focus More on Content Than Technology

The release of the supposedly ‘best smartphone ever’, the iPhone 5 or whatever it will be called by Apple, is almost upon us. The tech world, blogosphere and every other internet community is buzzing with the release news, the features we can expect and other similar information. But there is also a section of fans and experts who are not only focused on the high tech magic that Apple is so famous for dishing out, but also the content that will be available on the new iPhone and how it will affect the content industry.

This is going to be interesting because the technology manufacturing companies have always battled for the rights of the content and the new iPhone is expected to influence this trend in a big way. The big question that most of the consumers are asking is ‘what can we watch on the new iPhone?’

focus on content

Is Content the New King?

It is a well known fact that technology companies fight tooth and nail when it comes to advantage of technological advancements like patents and early releases. However, there is another fight that is not so well known, but is also fought with the same intensity. It is about which company or device gets to stream the content available on the market. This content can be anything from books, music, movies, games, etc.

Most Companies On Even Footing in Terms of Technology

With the current technological advancements, you can safely assume that most of the leading commodity companies are on even footing. Although  Apple has always maintained that their technology is more advanced than its competitors’ and judging by the rumors we have heard over the past few months, this will be the approach that Apple is going to take with the new iPhone.

However, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has amazed consumers and experts alike with its features and the advanced technological features that it offers. That phone is loaded with features and sensors and it will definitely push the new iPhone in the market. What more, the SIII has had a couple of months of head start and although Apple has won the lawsuit against Samsung, they are still on the back foot until they can get the reactions from the users.

Other Manufacturers Using Content as a Buffer to Push Their Products

When Amazon released their Kindle Fire tablets, Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive, said that their tablets are better than the  Apple iPads, because they had a lot more to offer to the consumers in terms of content. The library that Kindle has contains a lot of books, music and even videos. This might be the USP that Kindle Tablets need to give its tablets the edge over Apple’s.

We will have to wait and see what sort of content that the new iPhone will have to give it an edge over its competitors. Keep in mind that the content must be exclusive to ensure that it is different from what competitors have to offer. We can’t assume anything till the phone is released and we get hands on experience of its usage.

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